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Al-Qahira Bild What perfect Christmas gift for Lisa Loranger and Kael Park Arabians!

25-12-2011 - A gorgeous typey colt by L.M.Libretto out of Etheral Park Beacon (Tobascco x ZLA Rubia Deseosa) was born at Christmas Day.

Lisa, we hope all your dreams have been fullfilled with those two L.M.Libretto colts, we wish both guys a successful and blessed future! Lots of congratulations!
Al-Qahira Bild Seasons Greetings!

24-12-2011 - After an exciting year we want to thank all our customers and friends for their trust and we want to send our Season's Greetings!

We wish a healthy, happy and fullfilling year ahead! All the best and a lot of luck in your house and barn!
Al-Qahira Bild
Maestro, Australias first pure spanish L.M. Libretto colt is born

17-11-2011 - Lisa Lornager from Kael Park shared the wonderful news of a very healthy and very large chestnut colt, sired by LM Libretto out of ZLA Merzez (Tobassco x HIA Raya Luna), the 11th pure spanish horse there in Oz. Maestro - what wonderful name! - is Australias first L.M.Libretto foal, with one due from Ethereal Park Beacon (Merzez' half sister) in January also.

We want to send hearty congratulations and a big, big Thank You! to all involved for introducing L.M.Libretto's precious bloodlines into a new continent.
Al-Qahira Bild
Foals to be expected next year

01-10-2011 - Out of the following breedings we expect our pure spanish babies 2012:

Valeroso Qahira x Shamal
Ojinegro Qahira x HD-Escada
L.M.Libretto x Bel Princess
Nubarron Qahira x Hag-Cirina

Ask for sale opportunities!
Al-Qahira Bild Jaliva, another great pure spanish mare in foal to Valeroso

Qahira 27-09-2011 - Very good news reached us from Germany! Jaliva (Gual Ramian x Joia) a wonderful pure spanish mare is vet checked in foal to Valeroso Qahira.

Congratulation to owner Regina Ronczka, we want to thank for her trust into our homebred Show- and Sportchampion. With Jaliva there are now 10 mares in foal to our stallions - we are looking forward to an exciting new foaling season!
Al-Qahira Bild Valletta Qahira (Valeroso Qahira x HD-Escada) sold

27-08-2011 - Congratulations to Layan Arabians, Barbara Kristen, western trainer, successful rider and owner of performance tested Avellana Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Shamal), and David Grandits on their purchase of Valletta Qahira by Valeroso Qahira out of HD-Escada, a beautiful promising sport and show flly.

We are very happy that Valletta Qahira has found such a wonderful new home and we are looking forward to her future western performances. Thank you Barbara and David!
Al-Qahira Bild Ojinegro Qahira at the National C Show Stadl Paura

27-08-2011 - One weekend after his great sport success Ojinegro Qahira (Ghandour x Bel Princess) and his friend and rider Jessi Görg took part at the 2. Arabian Summer Festival in Stadl Paura.

With spanish grandezza Ojinegro showed great type, connfirmation, enormous movements and was awarded with the Liberty Champion title.

Al-Qahira Bild Avellana Qahira excelled in Open Western Pleasure

27-08-2011 - Avellana Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Shamal) owned by Layan Arabians and ridden by Barbara Kristen excelled in the Open Western Pleasure held the first time during the Arabian Summer Festival in Stadl Paura.

Congratulation to Avellana, Barbara and David!

Al-Qahira Bild Tarambana Qahira at the Arabian Summer Festival

27-08-2011 - Tarambana Qahira by Estopasan out of Mel Serilla with her filly Niloofar Qahira by L.M.Libretto by foot was shown at the 2. Arabian Summer Festival in Stadl Paura in a strong class of 11 mares.

Tarambana seemed to be a little bit tired - she was the only mare with foal - but she reached a great third place behind two russian show mares.

Another top ranking of our beautiful snow white lady!

Al-Qahira Bild
Ojinegro Qahira at the CCN-A Scheffau

19/21-08-2011 - Ojinegro Qahira and his 14 y. old rider Jessica Görg took part at the Tyrolean Championship Eventing in Scheffau. It was the first competition ever for Jessy and Ojinegro together, both showed correct riding, great jumping abilities and pluck over fences.

The couple acheived the Reserve Champion title in the Youth Eventing competiton. Thank you Jessy, well done!

Al-Qahira Bild Nubarron Qahira at the CCN-C Scheffau

19/21-08-2011 - Nubarron Qahira ridden by 14 y. old Jessica Görg took part in his first pony eventing competition in Scheffau in Tyrol. The first time ever ridden in Show Jumping and on the Cross Country track the couple inspired spectators and judges the same.

Al-Qahira Bild Madrigal Qahira (Ghandour x Mel Serilla)

05-08-2011 - At 10.30 pm our last foal of the season is born. Madrigal Qahira is not only the last baby of the season but also the last one by senior stallion Ghandour.

Madrigal has a typey face with large black eyes, a long neck and good legs, he is probably the most beautiful foal out of our grande dame Mel Serilla. This mating has really excelled all our expectations!
Al-Qahira Bild Another wonderful pure spanish mare in foal to Valeroso Qahira

01-07-2011 - Nicolas Meyer, an engaged breeder of pure spanish arabians, sent good news from France!

His beautiful homebred Kanangha
(L.M.Perlamor x Laja by Cabareto)
is vet checked in foal to Show- and Sportchampion Valeroso Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Bel Princess).

A big congratulation from all of us!

Al-Qahira Bild Kalderon Qahira performance tested

22-06-2011 - Today Kalderon Qahira (Ghandour x Sevilla) finished the 30 days lasting stallion performance test including type, conformation, character, dressage, free-style jumping, cross country and racing with the final examinations on the cross country course and the racetrack. Although Kalderon lost his left eye because of an accident at foal age he has done a great job considering his handicap.

With Kalderon Qahira there are four performance tested stallions at stud. We are now the only stud farm offering four performance tested stallions for breeding in Austria.

Al-Qahira Bild Avellana Qahira at the Austrian Nationals Arabian Sport Horses

05-06-2011 - Avellana Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Shamal) - ridden by Barbara Kristen - also took part at the Austrian Nationals for Arabian Sport Horses in Reining, Tradtional Arabian Riding, Freestyle Reining and Type & Confirmation for her owner Layan Arabians. Barbara and Avellana are ranked on 6 place in Western All Around among the strong group of Austrian Western riders.

Thank you for presenting Avellana so well!

Al-Qahira Bild

Spanish Arabian Sport Horse News

04-06-2011 - Avellana Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Shamal) took part at the Lower Austrian Championship Arabian Sport Horses for her owner Layan Arabians, ridden by Barbara Kristen. They excelled in Western Pleasure and acheived the Bronze Medal in a strong class of 15 competitors.

Big Congratulations from all of us!

Al-Qahira Bild Congratulations to Nicolas Meyer, France

16-05-2011 - We congratulate Nicolas Meyer, France on his purchase of a breeding to Show- and Sportchampion Valeroso Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Bel Princess).

Nicolas has chosen the wonderful mare Kalia des Pins (Mozart x Naskoa by Alha Edin), bred by Didier Cabrol, to be bred by frozen semen. Kalia is already confirmed in foal.
Al-Qahira Bild Niloofar Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Tarambana Qahira)

12-05-2011 - 24 days overdue, but now she is here, the most beautiful filly we have bred - Niloofar Qahira by WAHO trophy winner L.M.Libretto out of Senior Gold Championesse Tarambana Qahira, granddaughter of Estopa, the mare of the century. Type, refinement, she has it all. And she is as sweet as you can imagine.

Al-Qahira Bild Picaflor Qahira (Nubarron Qahira x Hag-Cirina)

20-04-2011 - Our third foal is born this afternoon, a beautiful bay colt by Nubarron Qahira out of our leasing mare Hag-Cirina.

With Picaflor Qahira we have now the valuable bloodlines of Yeguada Del Cid inherited in our breeding program.
Al-Qahira Bild Spanish Arabian Sport Horse News

17-04-2011 - In her first open western competition in Groß-Kadolz Avellana Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Shamal), owner Layan Arabians and ridden by Barbara Kristen, reached the All Around Reserve Champion title. A big congratulation from all of us, we wish Avellana and Barbara the very best for the Austrian Nationals!

Al-Qahira Bild Orovista Qahira (Valeroso Qahira x Nueva)

17-04-2011 - On early Palm Sunday Nueva gave birth her third filly by Valeroso Qahira. Orovista Qahira, the first grey out of this mating and without any white markings, is as beautiful and refined as her fullsisters.

Mum and baby are doing fine.

Al-Qahira Bild Quintero Qahira (Nubarron Qahira x Milagros Qahira)

10-03-2011 - After some nights anxiously waiting for Milagros' first foal, she delivered a colt foal after I left the stables for taking breakfast at 9.00 am. Quintero Qahira by Nubarron Qahira is a very refined, elegant black colt with a star and a snip and will turn grey later on.

Al-Qahira Bild Sirrocco Qahira (Nubarron Qahira x Bel Princess) will leave for Belgium

02-03-2011 - Congratulation to Ines d' Ans and Marc Taste' on their purchase of Sirrocco Qahira, the first colt by Nubarron Qahira out of our wonderful Bel Princess. While delivering their beautiful mare Uranis D for breeding Ines and Marc felt in love with Sirrocco.

We wish a lot of luck and success with this typey colt!

Al-Qahira Bild Arabians Alameda (Arabian Beauty x Benazir) sold

17-02-2011 - It was love at first sight! The first time Andrea Wohlfart has seen Arabians Alameda she felt in love. After one year thinking of her dreamhorse she decided to buy our performance tested beauty.

We wish both a lot of luck and a lot of happy trails together.

Al-Qahira Bild Ethereal Park Beacon (Tobascco x ZLA Rubia Deseosa) confirmed in foal

16-02-2011 - Another good news from Australia! Etheral Park Beacon is confirmed in foal to L.M.Libretto via AI. Have a glas of champagne Krysha and Lisa from Kael Park Arabians, finally good news after fire, flood and storm!

We wish that this foal will fullfill all your dreams. Congratulations!

Al-Qahira Bild Uranis D from Belgium arrived for breeding

13-02-2011 - After a long journey from Belgium the beautiful mare Uranis D (Nabiel-Moniet S x Feijoa by Fikri) arrived at our farm to be bred to our junior stallion Ojinegro Qahira (Ghandour x Bel Princess), successful in show and sports.

We thank Ines D' Ans and Marc Taste' for their trust into our stallion.
Al-Qahira Bild First Australian mare in foal to L.M.Libretto

04-01-2011 - Wonderful news reached us from Lisa Loranger, Kael Park Arabians, Australia! ZLA Merzez (Tobassco x HIA Raya Luna), the first mare inseminated with frozen semen by L.M.Libretto is confirmed in foal.

Congratulation from all of us, we hardly can wait the first result of this mating.

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