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Al-Qahira Bild Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

24-12-2008 - We want to wish all our friends, customers and all arabian horse lovers Happy Christmas Holidays and a Prosperous 2009! Good luck in house and barn!

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild First Vendaval Qahira baby born!

05-11-2008 - With Bacanora Qahira the first baby by Vendaval Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Nur) out of Shamal (Abha Harim x Abha Saira) is born. Bacanora is a beautiful grey filly with a lot type and big spanish eyes.

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild Surprise! Vendaval Qahira cover picture!!

31-10-2008 - Our homebred Vendaval Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Nur), European Reserve Champion Cross Mono 2008 glitters on the front page of the renowned magazine Araber Weltweit, issue 06/2008. What a great surprise!

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild Foals to be expected next breeding season

30-10-2008 - Out of the following breedings we expect our pure spanish babies 2009:
Ghandour x Shirina Carisma
Vendaval Qahira x Mel Serilla
Valeroso Qahira x HD-Escada

Ask for sale opportunities!

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild Second start in open driving competition

11-10-2008 - Driven by Alexandra Moosburger and co- driver Martina Minhard Espinosa Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Shamal) acheived the 12. place of 17 starters at the CAN-C in Viechtwang in Upper-Austria. It was her second start in a combined driving event against all breeds.

Foto out of archives: Gudrun Waiditschka

Al-Qahira Bild L.M.Paca sold to Switzerland

01-10-2008 - L.M.Paca (El Perfecto x Oca by Zancudo) moves to SW Yeguada de la Espina in Switzerland. L.M.Paca is in foal to L.M.Libretto (Drago x Dadobia). We wish Susanne Wolf a lot of luck and success with her new addition.

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild Carona U.Z. won Gold Medal!

07-09-2008 - The beautiful chestnut filly Carona U.Z., daughter of Valeroso Qahira out of L.A. Casablanca by Kapitol, bred by the Zimmerli family, won the Gold Medal at the Swiss Breed Stock Show in Bern, Switzerland. Congratulations to Margrit and Ulrich!

Foto: Gudrun Waiditschka

Al-Qahira Bild New possibility for the pure spanish arabian!

29-08-2008 - Starting from now we can offer frozen semen from Valeroso Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Bel Princess by El Perfecto) within European Community and Switzerland. A new chance to increase the rare pure spanish bloodlines. The interested breeder can contact us by mail or phone.

Foto: Hans Trummer

Al-Qahira Bild Silver & Vendaval Qahira on canvas!

28-08-2008 - We are very proud that our very talented friend Natanja Gstir has chosen our horses for her wonderful paintings. The picture shows our Arabohaflinger Silver fighting with our pure spanish stallion Vendaval Qahira. Thank you Natanja, we love your painting!

painter: Natanja Gstir

Al-Qahira Bild Vendaval Qahira excells in Cross Country

01/02/03-08-2008 - Vendaval Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Nur) and trainer Martin Fischer excelled in their parade discipline on the cross country course at the European Championships. They are awarded with the EUROPEAN RESERVE CHAMPION title. Martin and Vendaval did a great job! Some more pictures of the winning team in the gallery "Beauty & Performance".

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild L.M.Libretto at the European Championship 2008

01/02/03-08-2008 - L.M.Libretto (Drago x Dadobia) and rider Alexandra Moosburger won the Warm Up and the Mono Qualifier of the Traditional Arabian Riding Class at the European Championships for Arabian Sport Horses held in Stadl-Paura. In the Mono Final they were placed on the fifth place.

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild Success for Vendaval Qahira

01-08-2008 - Vendaval Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Nur) under his trainer Martin Fischer was awarded with the Lower Austrian Reserve Champion title in Show Jumping in Stadl-Paura.

Foto: ck 24

Al-Qahira Bild First start in open driving competiton!

28/29-06-2008 - In Weer/Tyrol Espinosa Qahira with driver Alexandra Moosburger and co-driver Martina Minhard competed in marathon, dressage driving and obstacle driving open for all breeds.

Foto: private

Al-Qahira Bild Whisky and Vodka, our newest addition!

18-06-2008 - Proudly we present our newest arrival at Al-Qahira stud: Whisky and Vodka (Diego x Sidonie), homebred!

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild

09-06-2008 - Our homebred Tarambana Qahira (Estopasan x Mel Serilla) gave birth her first foal. Dinerada Qahira (by Valeroso Qahira), a grey filly, is very typey and refined. We are very satisfied with the first product of this mating.

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild International A-Show Wels 2008

24-05-2008 - Ojinegro Qahira, the only spanish horse at the int. A-Show and the only Austrian owned horse in his class, was flying on the showground to the 5. place. Erik Dorssers and Ozzy have done a wonderful job!


Al-Qahira Bild National Show Wels 2008

23-05-2008 - Valeroso Qahira (by L.M.Libretto) and Ojinegro Qahira (by Ghandour), both sons of our beautiful Bel Princess, showed spanish grandezza at the National Championship in Wels. On the lead of Erik Dorssers Valeroso achieved the 5. place and Ojinegro the 4. place in their classes.


Al-Qahira Bild Second foal born

08-05-2008 - After 369 days of pregnancy our leasing mare Abha Djamir gave birth a very typey colt foal. Cimarron Qahira is sired by Valeroso Qahira.

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild First foal of the season born

23-04-2008 - 30 minutes after midnight Bel Princess gave birth her third filly. The beautiful, very long legged chestnut Ebanista Qahira is sired by L.M.Libretto. Mum and daughter are doing fine!

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild Tenneh Qahira starts a new period of life!

05-04-2008 - Our race winning mare Tenneh Qahira (Maamoon Azeem x Gaziya el Dashour) is the new friend of Leni Eckmann, Germany. We wish both a lot of fun and success in their future riding lessons.

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild Saltarin Qahira leaves for Germany

15-03-2008 - Today our very typey ridden and driven gelding Saltarin Qahira (L.M.Libretto x Nur) left for Germany. We wish the new owner Regine Zetsche- Scheibe a lot of luck and fun with the new member of her family!

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild Valeroso Qahira daughter born

12-03-2008 - A beautiful chestnut filly out of the champion mare L.A.Casablanca (by Kapitol) is born in Switzerland. We congratulate the Zimmerli family and wish a lot of luck and success for the future.

Foto: Susanne Wolf

Al-Qahira Bild Ojinegro Qahira back home

23-01-2008 - Back home from Bluebell Arabian Training Center Ojinegro Qahira (Ghandour x Bel Princess) is enjoying his holidays and is playing together with his old friends on the pastures.

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

Al-Qahira Bild Cover horse of Reiter Revue International

20-01-2008 - Our Welsh-Cob La Faye´ s Nomi is the new cover model of the renowned magazine Reiter Revue International, issue 02/08. Thank you Alessandra for this surprise!

Foto: Alessandra Sarti

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