Horses Training

Breeding and sport are cooperating closely and should promote each other in the Arabian breed. We have realized early on that breeding and sport are symbiotic and can only be strong and successful when working together. Covering and foaling are just the beginning a great part follows afterwards. Healthy, mentally strong horses with good movements and arabian type, is what we have to offer. Raising youngsters under optimum conditions has to be a matter of course and affordable for breeders and sportsmen. Top quality and correct training are essential to the prospective buyer. Each good horse is an advertisement. All stallions and mares at Al-Qahira will have to prove themselves in sport.

In our stables we can show you some successful sport horses:

Vendaval Qahira
European Reserve Champion Cross Mono 2008

Espinosa Qahira
European Champion Driving 2007
European Champion Classic 2005

European Reserve Champion Classic 2005
Bronze Medal Winner European Championships 2003

!We even offer the possibily to train your horse in driving!