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Al-Qahira Bild Orovista Qahira at the Orientalica in Frankfurt

28-05-2012 - Orovista Qahira (Valeroso Qahira x Nueva)
attended her first international B Show on the racetrack
in Frankfurt with trainer Andy Letsch. In perfect shape
Orovista did a good job in a very strong yearling filly
class and got 87 points from the judges. Orovista was
the one and only pure spanish arabian of the show.
Although Orvista has a wide forehead, a tiny muzzle,
but less dish, in return large spanish eyes, a long and
well shaped neck, a nice topline and good movements,
it is very hard to compete against all those very dishy
and unnatural big fillies.
In exchange we have the great luck that our pure
spanish horses will dry out and become more and more
refined when they grow older. 


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